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Health Guarantee

The health of our animals is always our top priority. We begin worming the puppies at 2 weeks of age and continue every two weeks until the puppies go home. At 7 weeks of age the puppies visit the Veterinarian where they receive an examination. Puppies can go to their new home at 8 weeks of age. Before bringing a puppy home, we want you to know that owning a puppy means frequent visits to a veterinarian and that you will be responsible for all costs associated with such veterinarian visits. At Smart Frenchies, we do everything we can to make sure your puppy is as healthy as possible and socialized when s/he arrives. This guarantee describes Smart Frenchies commitment to you if a health issue arises with your puppy. Puppies purchased through Smart Frenchies are covered with at least a 30-day health guarantee. If you have questions about what is covered, please view the Polanco-Lockyer Pet Breeder Warranty Act.


What does this guarantee cover: Before your puppy comes home he or she has undergone an extensive veterinary health check and his/her breeder has followed vaccination and deworming protocols, and they will have a packet containing their health records, completed Micro-chip registration and AKC registration. The puppy is current on shots and deworming according to the age and appears fully healthy. Within 48 hours of purchasing your new puppy, you must take him/her to a licensed veterinarian for examination and continued vaccinations, treatments for intestinal worms and begin heartworm prevention based on Veterinarian’s care. Buyer agrees to properly care for the dog by feeding a high quality puppy food recommended for French Bulldogs until growth is completed (18 months) and providing fresh water at all times. Breeder assumes no responsibility for Veterinary expenses and are not responsible for a puppy's exposure to diseases after they have left Breeders possession. You should be careful where you take your puppy and who handles it as well. 

Puppy is guaranteed for 6 months (from the date of the veterinarian examination before meeting their new owner) against genetic defects only if the following guidelines are followed:

(a). The Buyer must notify seller of any genetic defect immediately.
(b). A written statement as to the genetic defect must be provided to us from Buyer’s veterinarian.
(c). A written second opinion from another veterinarian must be provided to us from Buyer.
(d). The puppy must be spayed, neutered if purchased with limited AKC registration, picture must be shown of it and vet phone number, contact e-mail address must be provided.
(e). The buyer must return the pedigree of the puppy.

(f). Breeder's Veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis.
(g). After these guidelines are followed, if there is a genetic defect present The Breeder will then replace the puppy with another puppy, same gender, from the next available litter. Breeder is not obligated to provide a cash refund.

The following conditions are covered by this guarantee:

– Hip dysplasia – severe case, requiring surgery to return pup to an ambulatory state. Must have X-Ray and 2 opinions from 2 unrelated vets. If imported, pup must be positively identified on X-Ray; chip number must be present on film.
– Spinal, heart, pancreas, kidney defects of a severe, life threatening nature. (Imminent paralysis, heart problem that is life threatening, chronic pancreatitis).

This guarantee does not cover: Cherry Eye, umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, loose hips, loose knees, infertility, allergies, bacterial infection of any kind, fungus, parasitic infection, hypoplastic trachea, respiratory infections, kennel cough, demodex, tail abnormalities, stenotic nares, cosmetic issues, Buyer’s ignorance, neglect of incompetent veterinarians or anything not included above. We will not cover any death for any reason if pup dies under anesthesia.

Breeder is not responsible: if the puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving Breeder's possession thus this warranty does not include viral or bacterial illnesses or infections such as Kennel Cough, Parvo, Giardia or Coccidiosis. Breeder will supply Buyer educational material on how to keep their puppy safe from acquiring such illnesses. 


The warranty also does not include: any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food or chemicals, physical injury, improper bites, or hernia. Breeder is not responsible for any ailments that affect the Nervous System or Liver due to the role oral and topical flea/tick medications, heartworm preventatives and vaccinations play in the destruction of normal, healthy Nervous System and Liver. If you do plan to use those medications, please discuss with your Vet. Breeder is not responsible at any time for any Veterinary bills, or any other bills related to the puppy, once the puppy leaves our premises. Breeder will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments. 

Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee. There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee. 

It must be an indoor dog.

All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. No refunds in part or full will be given. Buyer is responsible for all the needed paper and transporting costs on the replacement puppy from Seller. By making a purchase, Buyer is committing to a lifelong relationship with the dog. Under no circumstances is the puppy to be placed in an animal shelter or rescue. If the Buyer can no longer properly take care of the puppy and cannot find a suitable home, Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder so that Breeder can re-home the puppy. Breeder assumes no costs associated with surrender. No money will be reimbursed in this case.

No replacement puppy will be given: if the puppy has been bred, or euthanized without Seller’s permission. This guarantee is null and void if the puppy is sold to a third party, and if normal precautions aren't taken. Replacement warranty will be terminated if puppy was abused, neglected, did not receive routine, regular Veterinarian care, does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal examinations or if the puppy was not taken to the Vet within 48 business hours of obtaining the puppy.


Replacement puppy will be given if: mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of original puppy. If the purchaser chooses not to accept a replacement puppy, the health guarantee is null and void.

This guarantee is null and void if: The Buyer does not maintain preventative health care of the puppy/dog, including to inoculations, internal and external parasites and heartworm preventative medicine. If purchased with “Limited” AKC Registration, the dog cannot be used for breeding purposes, intentional or unintentional.  Any breeding, intentional or unintentional, voids the Replacement Warranty.


If purchased with "Full” AKC Registration: Buyer agrees that breeding will not take place before the dog has reached 18 months of age to allow the dog to complete its growth, only be bred to another AKC registered French Bulldogs that has full AKC Registration. Any breeding before the dog has reached 18 months of age, intentional or unintentional, voids the Replacement Warranty. Breeder cannot guarantee fertility of said dog, nor the quality or health of its offspring. Breeding success and/or Show success cannot be guaranteed. No guarantees are made as to adult color and/or size. Payment must be paid in full to receive registration papers. Buyer understands and agrees to these conditions of sale. This warranty is only intended for original purchaser of the puppy and is not transferable.

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